Letter of gratitude from Miles & Ashley B.


I am writing to express my deep appreciation and gratitude for Kimberley Koonce who served as my agent on a new home I purchased in September. It was my family’s first home to purchase and needless to say we entered the process with much trepidation which was only exacerbated by the current economic climate. I am absolutely certain we would not have made it through the process without the time, attention and care Kimberly gave us. She was an assuring voice throughout the entire experience that kept us anchored through the ups and downs of purchasing a home.

Kimberley walked with us every step of the way from finding just the right house for us, to finding just the right mortgage adviser, to finding just the right inspector for us, to finding just the right title/closing agent for us, to finding just the write companies to redo our floors and paint the interior of our home. That’s what I consider full, first class service. It seemed there was no end to her helpfulness and resources.

Not to mention, Kimberley did an amazing job at staying in touch. She always returned our calls and emails almost immediately (even when she was on vacation out of the country). Kimberly acted like much more than an agent. She acted like a friend. She knew my wife and I had found the house of our dreams on a very limited budget, and she made sure we got it. I would not hesitate for one second to recommend her to anyone in the future (and will!). Further, you should be commended on hiring such a competent, caring employee and helping her acquire the skills needed to be a professional in her work.